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5 things often overlooked when building

When building, we tend to focus on items that will have the most visual effect and impact on cost: colour scheme, flooring, tap ware, kitchen cabinetry, etc. However, there are often a number of minor considerations that aren’t given enough thought, and result in homes that never feel quite right. Read about five areas that […]

Environmentally responsible products

Advances have been made in building products that contribute to the ‘greening’ of Australian homes. Today’s new homes show that environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and healthy indoor living go hand-in-hand with comfort, convenience and great design. Here is a small sampling of the latest materials, products and technologies that professional home builders are working with […]

Steps you can take to help your builder (and how to avoid hindering your builder)

Communication Misunderstandings between you and your Builder and his team of professionals can cost you money or leave you unhappy with parts of the project. This is another area where you might start feeling like you’re over-doing it with the questions and clarifications, but Building Professionals are not mind readers unfortunately. If there’s something you […]

Not sure if demolishing your home and building a new life is for you?

What does demolition involve? While knocking down a house is a fairly uncomplicated job, there are quite a few things that need to be taken into consideration and we at Grand Cru Developments can help you with all these aspects. These include: Applying for the necessary demolition permits Disconnecting existing services (e.g. electricity, drainage, gas […]

Open Walls to Widen Home Possibilities

Open walls are the ultimate embodiment of indoor-outdoor living, blurring the lines (well, getting rid of them actually) between the two. They are a fresh-air fanatic’s dream come true, and there is something about them that is just positive and friendly. They are the ultimate invitation. Here are a few ideas. Indoor kitchen, outdoor dining room. […]