The four most important things to get right when building a new home

The right land – in the right place

You’ll need to make sure you’re building in the right place and that you have acquired enough land and always remember location, location, location as this will be a factor to your lifestyle and future financial position. Allow plenty of time to find a good block of land as well. Please see Ten important factors to consider when choosing a block of land for more advice.

The right design

What kind of house do you want? Explore all the options around your design. Is it spacious enough? Will it cater your needs now and in the future? You want the right house, in the right place – otherwise it’s not worth bothering. You’re the boss – get the design right for you, and you alone.

The right builder

You’ll be placing your trust in your chosen builder. Research them first. Make sure you’re getting someone who’s tried and tested. Seek out former customers of any potential builders. See how their houses are doing, even after several years. That’s the true acid test of any good builder, after all.

The right timescale

This one is vital. Don’t let building your own home consume your life. Ensure that your builders do everything at a pace that suits you. You won’t want them to rush, of course. It’s still vital that they don’t leave you hanging around. You’ll have a lot of money tied up in your new property. Don’t allow it to sit there doing nothing for months and years on end. Our final word on this is that life’s too short. Make sure you’re in a position to enjoy your new home as soon as possible.