Open Walls to Widen Home Possibilities

Open walls are the ultimate embodiment of indoor-outdoor living, blurring the lines (well, getting rid of them actually) between the two. They are a fresh-air fanatic’s dream come true, and there is something about them that is just positive and friendly. They are the ultimate invitation.

Here are a few ideas.

Indoor kitchen, outdoor dining room. This glass garage door is so modern and clean; it makes sliding glass doors seem positively old fashioned.


This sliding accordion door that opens up floor to ceiling, turning a small kitchen into a bright, expansive space with an outdoor dining room.


This bathroom takes some real guts. I mean, someone in one of those houses down there could own a pair of binoculars. Still, why should living rooms and kitchens have all the fun?


Not having an open wall here would be weird.


A wall doesn’t have to open onto a large, expansive space. Just a little tropical extension for this bathroom is reason enough.


Creating a small breezeway between the house and the open air can keep a room from getting too hot in the summer. It also provides a nice visual transition between inside and out.


I don’t think it opens, but I don’t care. Magnificent.




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